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Alex Biggs, born in Watford UK, started playing the drums at age 12. He started playing almost by accident, only because his two friends played so he thought to learn properly too. He tried drum lessons and found that he really enjoyed them and within 3 years he was already lead player in the school bands and orchestras.

At age 18 he was playing abroad in bands returning home to continue playing and recording.

After being on the playing circuit for many years in all types of bands, recording drum loops, doing session work and touring he set up Drum base. This was set up to launch a teaching school and a base to sell the drum books that he wrote. His books, "Drums by Alex Biggs books 1-5 " are a product of all his years of experience. The 5 books he has written has sold thousands all around the world and used by students and teachers alike. They featured in Rhythm Magazine, who wrote - "A Superior Product".

He has co-written and produced 2 albums that are currently selling on the leading digital sites, such as iTunes and Amazon.

He continues to study and work hard at his playing and has recently set up a recording studio tailored towards recording drums to a high professional standard.

He is currently playing for, The Jazz Colossus Big Band in Northampton.