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Here is an idea of a list of things that you could send me to help me with the process and speed it up.

Record your demo to a click or to a drum pattern. (If you can’t I will count out the bars and send you drums to play along to then re-record them after.)

Give a one or two bar count in.
Provide a written part for the track. Not essential but if available, it does help.
If you have programmed or existing drum recordings on your track, send those for reference.
A reference track or link to hear the type of sound you want is also useful.
The demo of your track without drums for me to play to. This should ideally be recorded to a click, with the tempo in the title



The drums, in my opinion, are one of the hardest instrument to record. The sound of each drum or cymbal bleeds into all the other mics, any of the drums can be out of tune or not to your taste and any mishap in playing is obvious and hard to correct in the mix. The room size and shape can effect the sound as well as the walls, floor and ceiling. Every artist is after that elusive sound and works hard to get it.

I have trained my playing to help recording. Even how you strike the drum can change the sound. Lots of players bury the beater in the bass drum head muffling the ring on the bass drum. Some leave the stick on the snare decaying the ring. I have tried hard and feel I have achieved a great sound, with many happy customers, but only you can decide what the sound you are after is and with your input together we can achieve it.

How It Works

Firstly you can call me or email me some details of what you want me to do for you.

It could be create a drum part for a track or copy a drum part. It may even be to help your drummer with ideas for the tracks you are writing at the moment.

We can also n discuss a drum sound and style and how you want the end product to be packaged, ie the format and number of tracks or stereo mix you prefer.

It’s really is simple and with spectacular results, as there is nothing better than a great drum sound to get your track taken seriously.

Prices vary but at the moment I’m charging around £20 an hour, a track can take around 2 hours average.









Welcome to my professional remote drum studio.