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Here is an idea of a list of things that can help me with the process and speed things up.

Make sure you have the track and it is the backing version.

Have the lyrics or music with you.

Practise and practise the song or piece of music, under pressure and with nerves it becomes more difficult to get it perfect.

Think about speed, practise with a click if you are not playing to a backing track. Watch volumes too.

Most of relax and enjoy the process as recording is great fun and I make sure I get the best out of your performance.


I have top professional equipment enabling me to record and video solo artists such as singers, guitarists, keyboard, sax etc.

With a home studio it is a more relaxed environment to work in than a normal studio, this can help with nerves or anxiety.

Please check out the examples below. Prices are around £20 per hour and on average, a song recorded takes between 1 - 2 hours depending on the complexity of the song. Video and editing etc can take 2-3 hours per song.

How It Works............

Firstly you can call me or email me some details of what you want, how many tracks and if you want a video done for Youtube etc. You will need to bring the backing track on a memory stick or email it. I can find it for you if you can’t.

Check out these examples below.








Welcome to my professional home studio.