Frequently Asked Questions


Drum Lessons

Q - Where are you located?
A - My teaching and studios are in Grange Park, Northampton NN4 5BG. Two minutes away from J15 of the M1.

Q - How do I book the free intro. drum lesson? (20 mins long)
A - You can go to the contact page and email me or call me to arrange a convenient time for the lesson.

Q - Do I need to have played before?
A - I specialise in total beginners and have even written books especially for that purpose.

Book Postage

Q - What are the postage costs?
A - The postage prices are indicated next to the item.

Q - How long does it take for my book(s) to arrive?
A - It should take 2 working days but no longer than 5 working days to arrive.

Q - What happens if my book doesn’t arrive?
A - Please contact me asap. (Must be no longer than 15 working days)

Q - Why aren’t all the books recorded delivery?
A - There will have to be someone in to sign for them and it keeps postage costs down.

Q - What happens if the book arrives damaged?
A - Take a picture of the damage and send me it within 7 working days.


Q - What happens if my cd doesn’t play?
A - Check the device can handle MP3’s, try pushing the fast forward button a few times or check another device such as a computer.

Drums By Alex Biggs

Q – How do I use the book?
A – The book is designed for use with a drum tutor, but can be used without. The book explains what to do and is backed up by a cd which has all the drumming recorded on to it.

Q - What happens if I can’t afford or find a drum tutor?
A - Read the book from the start and put on the cd, working out from hearing as well as seeing, what you have to do. Do some research on the Internet on how to play drums etc.

Lesson Vouchers

Q - Can you expalin a little more about the lesson vouchers?
A - The lesson vouchers are normally used as a gift. Most people buy 3 as a starting point. The vouchers have to be used up within 3 months from when you purchased them. If you buy 12 for example than they will expire in 6 months. The date will run from the last calculated date presuming they are used weekly.

Standing Order For Lessons

Q - What is the standing order and what is the benefit?
A - The standing order is for those of you who will come regularly and will therefore benefit from a lower lesson price, you can get around 2 months worth of lessons free if you come each week throughout the year. However if you take a holiday or are sick then that will eat into the free lessons. This still normally works out cheaper for everyone who does the standing order. If you leave or canít make the lessons for a long period the standing order must be cancelled, as I canít refund. I can go through this in more detail in the intro. lesson.


Q - Why won't the CD download?
A - You may have to uncompress or unzip it first. On a MAC you can use MacZip, an ipad will need an app.