Get that professional sound by recording in a specially treated room, with either analogue or digital desks.

The Drum Base studio offers a friendly place for recording singers and solo artists.

Recording studio Northampton, UK


Did you know up to 50% of the sound you hear and record can be just the room that you’re in?


With this in mind, I built the Drum Base studio so that it is as soundproof as possible and treated acoustically with a constrained layer damping technique, acoustic panels, bass traps and diffusion. It is pin drop quiet and has very little reflections so no sound of the room leaks into recordings, just the source.


I'm always asked what mic or guitar amp I have, as it sounds so good. Vocals sound smoother and clearer with tones from instruments coming through beautifully on the recordings.


Mixing and mastering is much easier, quicker and more accurate.


Along with having a specially treated studio, I have professional recording equipment and the latest specialised monitor speakers. I also run the latest version of Cubase, Cubase 12 Pro.


If you need one, I have both great bass and guitar combo amps that are permanently set up to record.


If you’ve done a mix and need a professional opinion then get in contact as I can play it through the monitors in the room to check it out for you. I can help you get the best possible mix that will translate across many platforms.


I can also master your track through Ozone, which works really well as a great, cheaper alternative to a professional mastering studio.

Recording studio Northampton, UK
Trinity exam centre for Rock & Pop digital qualifications


I’m proud to be a registered Trinity exam centre for Rock & Pop digital qualifications.


I can either record your performance to the specific guidelines or check what you have recorded and then enter you for your Trinity Rock & Pop digital exam


Prices start from £15 (depending on revisions required).


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