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Remote Session Drumming

Lets Work Together

1. Email or call me
We discuss your project
(£30-£90 per track )
2. Send Me Your Song
I create a drum part
& send you the idea
3. Zoom Meeting?
We can Zoom or send emails about the track ideas
4. I Record The DrumsI request a deposit record/video the drums
5. I Send A Sample
I send over parts of the song and invoice you a price
6. Agreed & Happy
I send over 13 wav. stems
& a stereo mix
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More about the studio

  • Up to 50% of the sound you hear and record can be just the room that you’re in.

  • Alex built the Drum Base studio so that it is as soundproof as possible and treated acoustically with a constrained layer damping technique, acoustic panels, bass traps and diffusion.

  • The studio is pin drop quiet and has very little reflections so no sound of the room leaks into recordings, just the source.

  • Mixing and mastering is much easier, quicker and more accurate.

Alex has put a lot of thought and effort into creating a studio that produces the best possible sound quality. This is evident in the results that he has achieved. If you are looking for a studio where you can record your music with professional results, then I highly recommend Drum Base Studios.


Along with having a specially treated studio, I have professional recording equipment and the latest specialised monitor speakers. I also run the latest version of Cubase, Cubase 12 Pro.


  • If you have done a mix and need a professional opinion, please contact Alex.

  • Alex can play your mix through professional grade monitors to check it out for you.

  • Alex can help you get the best possible mix that will translate across many platforms.

Alex has a lot of experience in mixing music, and he has access to a state-of-the-art studio. If you're serious about making your music sound its best, then I highly recommend getting Alex's feedback on your mixes.

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If you are a singer, musician, songwriter, or lyricist who is looking for professional music production, then Drum Base Recording Studios is a great option. The studio has the experience, expertise, and facilities to help you create high-quality music that will stand out from the crowd.


Lianne Kaye - Produce Like A Pro. Competition

This was a competion that I entered which was raw vocals and acoustic guitar only. I produced the whole track and got help from some session musicians locally to lay down my vision. Hope you enjoy where I have taken the track.



The Studioholics - Feat. Paul Mansell.

Don't Ask - Written by Paul Mansell & Alex Biggs

Produced by Alex Biggs - Drums: Alex Biggs

Bass: Tim Warden - 

Guitar: Paul Mansell - Vocal/Lyics: Paul Mansell

Mixed/Mastered: by Alex Biggs - Filmed/Editied: by Alex Biggs.

Please Check out my Youtube Channel


Book your studio time now by calling 07821 915301 or emailing

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