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Get that professional sound by using The Studioholics.  

The Studioholics is a side project for Drum Base, set up to help you produce great songs, with professional musicians. The project is aimed at helping customers create fantastic music using professional, experienced live musicians. Although it can be easier and cheaper to use loops and sample packs to create songs, they often sound soulless, predictable and over produced. Writing with experienced musicians and producers is how many of the great songs were created. So here at The Studioholics artists can hire separate musicians at every stage of creation that is at an affordable price, for as little as £20 each per hour. We operate in a friendly recording environment, using professional musicians and songwriters. You choose who you want and when. We don't have to use any drum samples or instrument loops, just real musicians to take your demo above the rest and really stand out. A professional video can also be filmed and edited as this is a must now with social media. Audiences want to watch as well as listen and we can help you look and sound your best.


So let us help you to create a professional song with a video too. We are also available for hire to play instruments on a track you have written. If you are looking to perform a cover version, we can help with this, but bear in mind there can be copyright issues on various platforms now, which you need to be mindful of.


We have a fantastic recording studio with the latest professional equipment all at your fingertips waiting for you. We can record, mix and master your song too. If you are ready to take the next step, call or message us to talk through your ideas.

Please check out the video page for examples.


Alex 20 Small.jpg

Alex Biggs

Alex Biggs - Drummer - Producer

Alex started as a professional drummer at the age of only 18. Since then he has played professionally in a variety of bands working both in England and abroad. With live, touring and studio work he has a wealth of experience.


His main focus is now as a teacher, recording artist and studio owner. He has written many drum books as well as written and produced 2 albums as well as writing songs for other signed artists. He has built his own professional recording studio to teach and record from.

He set up The Studioholics so people who haven’t got the budget for a commercial studio can still have access to professional musicians and a professional recording studio at affordable prices. Donations help keep this project running. Hopefully he may get some labels interested and TV producers interested to give artists their first break.

Paul Mansell

 Paul Mansell – Electric & Acoustic Guitar – Ukulele

Paul has many years experience of playing the guitar and has been in countless bands having vast gigging, studio and live experience at a professional level. Paul has been signed to several record labels as a singer songwriter, including Firestation Records. His songs have received airplay on Radio 1. 


Paul is not only a fantastic electric guitarist and songwriter but he is also an excellent classical guitarist.  As a music author Paul is signed to both Mel Bay Ltd and Kevin Mayhew Ltd and he has published 6 books.  He is also one of the finest ukulele players, being one of the few people in the Uk to have a VCM diploma on the ukulele.  Paul regularly headlines ukulele festivals and gives workshops around the country.  Paul is in high demand as both a performer, songwriter and teacher. A true asset to The Studioholics

Paul Mansell Image.JPG
Tim New Sml.jpg

Tim Warden

Tim Warden – Bass


After picking up the bass in the 1980’s and studying with some of the best bass players, Tim was a familiar face and an influential part of the local music scene, in and around Hertfordshire. After playing live and recording with a variety of bands he now resides as a session musician in The Studioholics recording studio.


He has recorded many tracks and worked on music books and other various projects from many different styles. His accuracy and ability really shines here at The Studioholics.

Jason Warrick

Jason Warrick - Piano – Keybards - MD

An incredible musician and general genius at his craft, Jason is at the highest level you can get, playing live. He does the biggest shows and when he isn't playing he is organising and hiring the musicians as an MD (Musical Director). He has his own studio as well being on hand for the Studioholics. He has been a professional musician for over 30 years covering everything you can think of that a musician does including writing tracks, albums as well as recording and touring with other artists.


Studioholics are very lucky to be able to reach out to him when his skills are required.

Image Jason.jpg





Donations go towards the studio and help with paying musicians to record original great tracks at an affordable rate. Sales of music generate next to nothing in income for unsigned artists, so this is a great way to fund some  musicians playing on recordings rather than samples. Once payment has gone though you will receive a high quality MP3 and we can place your name, or choice of name, in the relevant box if you wish, as a thank you for supporting real music and musicians. This will help keep our costs really low for recording artists. Thanks in advance for joining us and wanting to get the feel back in original music.

The Studioholics

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