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Dont' Ask

The Studioholics - Feat. Paul Mansell.

The official music video for The Studioholics.

No drum loops, samples or anything but bass, guitar and drums.

Don't Ask - Written by Paul Mansell & Alex Biggs

Produced by Alex Biggs - Drums: Alex Biggs

Bass: Tim Warden - 

Guitar: Paul Mansell - Vocal/Lyics: Paul Mansell

Mixed/Mastered: by Alex Biggs - Filmed/Editied: by Alex Biggs

Don’t Ask, was created as a show piece for the Studioholics to show what they do. There are no samples, loops or any programmed music what so ever on this track, just as it used to be, just musicians playing. The studio is specially treated to bring out the best in instruments and vocals. The Studioholics are session musicians that can write music for you or record a song you already have for you. The studio is in Northampton UK and is a small professionally treated space for solo and duo artists only. The studio is too small for bands but can do tracks individually like in this one.

Video No. 2

 Coming in June


Video No. 3 

Coming in July



Donations can really help with paying musicians to record original great tracks. Sales of music generate no income for unsigned artists, so this is a great way to fund some more actual musicians playing real instruments. Once payment has gone though you will receive a high quality MP3 and we can place your name, or choice of name, in the relevant box if you wish, as a thank you for supporting real music and musicians. This will keep this project going too and we can keep our costs really low. Thanks in advance for joining us and wanting to get the feel back in original music.

The Studioholics

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